Cristina Mortágua is criticized after asking PIX to treat depression: “They sent for the SUS”

Cristina Mortágua vents after being criticized for asking PIX to fund her treatment for depression and menopause. The model got sick last Sunday (12), went to the emergency room, and says she doesn’t have money for medication.

“I have no money and I even asked for help because it is a case of illness. They told me to look for SUS and I deleted the posts. I will survive the pain any way God wants. There are people who only value money or after the person dies”, she said in a conversation with columnist Fábia Oliveira, from the newspaper O Dia, still showing her grief with her mother: “She still says she is losing money on me in one of her properties”.

Due to the crisis, the famous will have to be on complete rest. She said that she intends to advance her book. “I’m going to talk about toxic and abusive relationships. I just published a true story on my social networks, which is in this publication. I tell about a relationship I had with a man when my son, Alexandre, was six years old and that was in the early 2000s. Today, this boy is a politician and preaches morals and good customs. Ah… and he still uses religion to promote himself”, he added.

Son of Edmundo and Cristina Mortágua sells jam in quarantine

The period of social isolation brought about drastic changes in everyone’s routine. Alexandre Mortágua, son of model Cristina with former player Edmundo, was one of those affected by the crisis. The boy had to reinvent himself.

Before working as a filmmaker, Alexandre, who has not spoken to his famous father for nine years, said in July of last year that he was experiencing financial difficulties with a friend, with whom he shares an apartment.