Cristina Mortágua is criticized when asking for help to pay doctors: “They sent for the SUS”

Muse of the 90s, she asked fans for help and had to delete the publications after suffering harsh criticism

Muse of the 90s, Cristina Mortagua she vented after being detonated when asking for help with her medical treatment on social networks.

She said that she had to go through an appointment after she felt unwell. With depression and menopause, she thought it would be a good idea to ask for donations.

“I’m out of money and I even asked for help because it’s a case of illness. They sent me to the SUS and I deleted the posts. I’ll survive the pain any way God wants. There are people who only value money or after the person dies”, she said to columnist Fábia Oliveira, from the newspaper ‘O Dia’.

In conversation, she even criticized her mother. “She even says she’s losing money on me on one of her properties,” she said, who lives in one of her apartments.


the now businessman Alexandre Mortagua, son of the ace Edmundo, he vented after the repercussion of his new source of income. He’s been selling jams in the pandemic, which left many fans of the former player surprised. The impact that the news had generated a surprise in the boy.

The business is great within the limits of what a company that is two weeks old can do (laughs); but it’s been interesting to follow what people have said about my jams. My life seems to bother me more than the paternal abandonment I suffered“, he said to the site “”.