Cruzeiro has a profit of R$ 75,000 with a game operation against Ponte Preta

Mineiros have a surplus of R$ 75,000 with the presence of the public at last Saturday’s game. In Mineirão, the club lost R$134 thousand

Cruzeiro had a profit with the presence of the public in the victory by 1-0 over Ponte Preta, last Saturday (11), in the B Series of the Brazilian Championship. The club had a surplus of R$ 75,800.26 with the operation of the match played at Arena do Jacaré, in Sete Lagoas.

According to the commitment agreement, the miners raised R$ 131,310.00 with the duel. 4,467 attended the stadium in the interior of Minas Gerais. Expenses and taxes for the comparison reached R$ 55,509.74.

The numbers are higher than the first game with the public in the midst of the new coronavirus pandemic, which occurred on August 20th. At the time, the miners lost R$ 134,000 in a game played at Mineirão.

At that time, the total income from the match was R$ 234,165.00. However, the total expense was R$368,526.99. 4,730 fans were present at the stadium.

Due to the financial issue, Cruzeiro is considering continuing to send its matches at Arena do Jacaré, in Sete Lagoas. The idea is for the stadium to become the club’s home throughout the season.

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