Cruzeiro trying to gain positions from direct competitors in Series B

(Photo: Bruno Haddad/Cruzeiro)

After finishing the 23rd round of the series B in 13th, with 29 points, the cruise it’s all up to you to gain positions for the rest of September. The next games are against direct competitors in the classification: Operrio, 9th, with 33; Vasco, 10th, with 32; and CSA, 12th, with 29 – ahead of Fox in the number of victories (8 to 6). The team also measures strengths with Guarani, 6th, with 37.

This Thursday, at 7 pm, Cruzeiro will have the support of around 5,000 fans at Arena do Jacar, in Sete Lagoas, where it will try to beat Operrio for the 24th round of Series B. The public’s encouragement motivated the athletes to seek victories on Confiana (1 to 0, in Mineiro) and Ponte Preta (1 to 0, in Arena do Jacar).

When they played from empty stands in Mineiro and Independencia, the heavenly team only managed to beat Vasco in the sixth round (2-1), in addition to drawing six times – Gois (1-1), Guarani (3-3), Coritiba ( 0 to 0), Londrina (2 to 2), Vitria (2 to 2) and Sampaio Corra (1 to 1) – and lose two – CRB (4 to 3) and Ava (3 to 0).

Cruzeiro also wants to take advantage of Operrio’s bad moment, which is coming off a draw and two defeats in Serie B without even scoring a goal. The team from Paraná suffered revs to Guarani (3-0) and Vitria (1-0), and was 0-0 with Sampaio Corra.

On Sunday, at 4 pm, the challenge will be against Vasco, in So Janurio, in Rio de Janeiro, for the 25th round. A week ago, coach Lisca left the club after 50 days of work, with a record of four wins, one draw and seven defeats – counting the elimination for So Paulo in the round of 16 of the Copa do Brasil.

Without being able to get close to the G4, Vasco had only four points in the last six clashes in Serie B (22.22%). The chance of access at this time, according to the Department of Mathematics at UFMG, 5%. By way of comparison, the probability of the Cruzeiro is calculated at 1.9%. The Maltino is trying to get back on his feet with the arrival of coach Fernando Diniz, ex-So Paulo and Santos, and midfielder Nen, who left Fluminense.

Before facing Raposa, Vasco visits the 4th place CRB (40), at 7pm on Thursday, at Rei Pel, in Macei. On the other hand, CSA, the celestial opponent in the 26th round – Sunday, 26, at 4:00 pm -, takes on Londrina, at 6:30 pm on Saturday, at the Café stadium (PR), and Botafogo, at 7:00 pm on Thursday, 23, at King Pel.

Azulo coach Mozart Santos, known to the people of Cruzeiro for having worked at Toca for almost two months. His record in Minas Gerais was not good: two wins, seven draws and four defeats.

Mozart is still looking for his first victory in his second spell at CSA. In their debut, they drew 1-1 with Vila Nova-GO. Then they lost 1-0 to Guarani. In 2020, the coach almost won access in charge of the club from Alagoas, as he finished Serie B in 5th, with 58 points.

Finally, Cruzeiro ends September facing Guarani on the 29th (Wednesday), at 7 pm, at the Brinco de Ouro stadium, in Campinas, for the 27th round. Bugre has a good campaign in the second division (three points less than the CRB) and is trying to return to the G4 against rivals Ponte Preta, Remo and Coritiba.

UFMG mathematicians consider that a team with 62 points at the end of Series B has more than a 91% chance of access. By this criterion, Cruzeiro would need to add 33 out of 45 possible (73.33%), a higher rate than the current first place, Coritiba, with 45 (65.2%).