Dayane exchanges barbs with MC Gui and Rico Melquiades

Model Dayane Mello has already starred in one of the first bullshits of “A Fazenda 13”. The ex-participant of the Italian “Big Brother” got involved during the division of the pedestrians between the bay and the main house and ended up trading barbs with MC Gui and Rico Melquiades, in the reality series on RecordTV.

“So I’d like to stay in the cubicle to get to know my friends more and sleep in that super-soft bed, and also whatever it’s going to be, it’s not a problem,” she said while defending her stay in the main house, blending in with the terms of rural reality.

“Well, she asked to go to the stall,” concluded Rico Melquiades, ironically. “No, I’m voting because she voted for me,” he added, explaining himself, and received support from MC Gui.

“If you’re going to vote for me now, it’s normal that I’ll vote for you next time too, so be very careful,” Dayane warned. “What are you talking to?” asked Bill, and the model nodded.

Then, understanding what had happened, Dayane complained about the attitude of the pedestrians. “They’re going to try to get me out of this house, but they’re not going to succeed,” he fired.

In the fourth, the Italian vented to Medrado, pointing out that she received a different treatment. “People are going to want to kick me out because, in a way, they think I have no right. Like, ‘She came from Italy,” he said.

The ex-panicat Aline Mineiro countered the model’s speech. “Hey, Dayane, I don’t think it’s anything to do, man. Everyone here has their own personal insecurities,” she said. “It’s her right,” defended Medrado.

Later, in the reality kitchen, Dayane talked to Rico and got along with the comedian. “Are you upset? I hope it’s okay because I like you,” he said.

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