Ded Santana gives an interview and comments on Didi: ‘He’s an arch-millionaire’ – Famous

Ded Santana (photo: Reproduction/Youtube )

the comedian Ded Santana, famous for being part of the cast of the blunders, revealed in an interview that aired this last Monday (09/13), that he did not manage to make a fortune while he was working, unlike Renato Arago, your professional colleague.

The chat was launched through the Youtube, in the channel “Flow Podcast”, Where Ded He also added that for him the value he received was not as important as the quality of what was offered to him. “I’m that kind of artist. You ask me for a job and I don’t want to know how much I’m going to earn. I could be a millionaire like Didi. He’s an arch-millionaire, actually.”, he stated.

“For me, an arch-millionaire who has at least 30 million in the bank. This is not my case. First, I asked what I was going to do, if I would like it or not. Then I wanted to know how much I would earn.”

Ded Santana

The comedian revealed that he is still a friend of Renato Arago, but remember that there were some fights during the professional partnership with the colleague. “We used to fight a lot, a lot, but always because of work. And, most of the time, he was right. Renato is very smart”, declared Ded.