Dirty and lacking masks, public hospital is overcrowded in DF

Dirty and missing masks and cleaning items, the Regional Hospital of Taguatinga (HRT) also suffered from overcrowding of patients this Tuesday (14/09).

According to health professionals, several points of the HRT were dirty, including the restrooms. Many classified the situation as a “war scenario”, including in the Covid ICU.

Health professionals did not have toilet paper, paper towels and even a mask. Since last week, some have flocked to buy protective masks against Covid-19, spending R$ 112.49.

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According to the health professionals’ diagnosis, the excess of dirt and the lack of cleaning items, such as paper towels, compromised the quality of the patients’ treatment.


With salaries in arrears, 2,200 outsourced workers hired to clean public hospitals are on strike this Wednesday (09/14). The workers’ base salary is R$1,287.96.

According to the category, the delays are being chronic. “Until when will outsourced workers cleaning the public health network receive back wages?”, asked the president of Sindiservices-DF, Maria Isabel.

There is also delay in the payment of salaries of outsourced workers hired for the hospital surveillance service. Approximately 3,000 workers are being harmed.

Other side

According to the Health Department, the government plans to make payments for surveillance this Wednesday (15/9). In the case of cleaning, the expectation is to deposit wages this week.

About the situation of the HRT, the folder promised to investigate the matter.