Evangelical Church sues Fernanda Brum and asks for R$ 46 thousand in compensation | Fabia Oliveira

Fernanda Bruminternet playback

Posted 15/09/2021 05:00 | Updated 15/09/2021 08:15

An event that had everything to be a celebration among Christians of an evangelical church in Jequié, in the interior of Bahia, turned into a nightmare for the temple’s dome and ended up in court. The Evangelical Baptist Church Jesus Lírio dos Vales is suing the gospel singer Fernanda Brum for moral and material damages, breach of contract and is asking for a little more than R$ 46 thousand in indemnity related to the payment of R$ 15 thousand, at the time, the tickets and expenses with the production of the event called ‘Tea das Mulheres’.

According to the lawsuit, the church claims to have hired the singer in June 2018 for the event scheduled at the end of September. Fernanda allegedly alleged reasons of force majeure for not appearing at the event, asking for a postponement. The meeting ended up being rescheduled and the following week, in early October, again, she did not attend. The singer even sent a medical certificate to justify her absence, but did not provide any new date.

Those responsible still argue that they tried to reach an agreement for a new event but, as they were unable to do so, they had to cancel the ‘Tea das Mulheres’ and also bear the damages of returned tickets and snacks intended for sale at the event. Not to mention the loss of credibility with the faithful, as the event had as its main objective the beginning of a project for the construction of a larger and better structured temple.

The case has been in the 1st Court of Consumer, Civil, Commercial and Work Accident Claims in Jequié since June 2019. Now in August, there was a conciliation hearing, but Fernanda Brum did not appear and was also not represented by the lawyers. Action follows.