Farm 13: Dayane Mello stars in bullshit with Rico Melquiades and MC Gui: “They think I have no right”; watch

Did you think the fire in the hay would take a while to catch? Well think again! The 13th edition of Record TV’s rural reality show, ‘A Fazenda’, started less than 24 hours ago, but the bullshit climate is already dominating the confinement. Last night (14), former Italian ‘Big Brother’ participant Dayane Mello had a falling out with none other than Rico Melquiades and funk player MC Gui. Geez!

It all started when the model confused the terms of the reality during a surprise vote among pedestrians. While trying to defend their stay at the headquarters, Dayane called the place a “bay”, a space where, each week, some inmates are sent to spend days without privileges, in the company of horses, after losing the right to stay in the main house. “So, I would like to stay in the cubicle to get to know my friends more and sleep in that super soft bed, and also whatever it is will be, it’s not a problem”, declared the beauty, who had appointed Melquiades as her vow of the night.

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Rico, who is well known for getting into trouble in the reality show that he previously participated in, soon tried to snipe the brunette. “Well, she asked to go to the stall. No, I’m voting because she voted for me”, he fired, which received support from Bill.

The bullshit then broke out with an alert from Dayane. “If you’re going to vote for me now, it’s normal that I’ll vote for you next time too, so be very careful”, she said, without mincing words. “What are you talking to me?”, questioned the funkeiro, which the model confirmed. Just spy:


Later, realizing what had happened, Dayane blurted it out. “They’ll try to get me out of this house, but they won’t make it”, declared. In a chat with Fernanda Medrado, the girl from Santa Catarina then lamented a supposed “differentiated treatment” that she says she is receiving in confinement.

“People are going to want to kick me out because, in a way, they think I have no right. Like: ‘She came from Italy’”, evaluated. The statement, however, was rebutted by ex-panicat Aline Mineiro. “Hey, Dayane, I don’t think it has anything to do with it, man. Everyone here has their personal insecurities”, he exclaimed. Medrado came out in defense of the model. “It’s her right”, pointed.

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Truce in the countryside?

Despite the bickering, the climate between Mello and Melquiades was short-lived. That’s because, later, Dayane talked to the comedian in the headquarters kitchen and the two ended up getting along. “Can I tell you something? Did you care for yesterday?”, she questioned.

“No, I just voted for you, you know why, because of the three that were there, the two hadn’t voted for me. I had to vote for someone”, justified Rico, in a much more calm way. “That’s right. But I hope it doesn’t change anything, because I like you a lot”, concluded the brunette. Does this peace last forever? Hahaha