Faustão’s former ballet dancer suffers ‘A Fazenda 13’

Erika Schneider, former dancer of Faustão, before the confinement of “The Farm 13”, gave an interview to clarify the real reason that he is participating in the rural reality.

I see it as a very big opportunity not only to win the award – everyone is joining because of this – but also for people to get to know me better. A lot of people know me from Domingão and also from Instagram or another social network, but the reality show has a huge reach. I’m seeing this as a huge challenge and a chance for people to really get to know Erika. Not only Erika, dancer of Faustão, not only Erika model and influencer, but Erika in essence. I’m taking the pieces of my brand too and I want people to know my work. And of course, I want to make it to the end and win the show”, he vented.

In another excerpt, Erika assume your personality: “I’m relatively calm, resilient, patient, not least because I’ve worked with a lot of people. At the ballet there were 40 girls, many different personalities. But I don’t know how my behavior will be confined. Out here, you fight someone and walk away. There, no. You will live with these people and there will be fights, arguments, intrigues. I can’t answer what Erika will be like in a reality show”, commented.

Erika Schneider was confirmed this Tuesday (14) in “The Farm 13” and has already lavished beauty and sympathy.

Erika Schneider. Photo/ Roberto Trumpas
Erika Schneider. Photo/ Roberto Trumpas