FGTS profit has already been deposited in all accounts; see how to consult

Caixa Econômica Federal has already completed the entire process of profit distribution of the Severance Indemnity Fund for Employees (FGTS). Those who had accounts with a balance until December 31, 2020, thus, received the amounts. The estimated total number is about 88.6 million of workers.

The rules for the withdrawal do not change. That is, the amount can only be withdrawn in cases already provided for by law. However, it is possible to know how much was transferred to the worker and is available in his account. The amount transferred corresponds to a total of R$8.129 billion, equivalent to 96% of all profit.

How to consult the FGTS profit that was deposited

To find out how much has been credited to your FGTS account, there are three commonly used ways. The first is through the FGTS application, available for Android and iOS. It can be downloaded for free.

After downloading the application, log in informing your registration data and then enter the platform. Search for “check the FGTS balance” and click on the option. It will open a screen with all your history of balance and deposits in your account, including the amount transferred that corresponds to the profits obtained.

THE second way is through the Caixa Econômica Federal website, where you can access through previously registered data. The third option is to look for a Caixa Econômica branch and request your FGTS account statement.

Values ​​correspond to all worker accounts. For the calculation basis, the worker must evaluate that, for every R$ 1 thousand in balance, he will receive R$ 18.63 in profit. The amount paid was raised above the inflation rate corresponding to 0.4%. The inflation rate was 4.52% and the profitability of the FGTS balance was 4.92%.