Find out which leaders supported the resumption of the judges’ quarantine

Find out which leaders supported the resumption of the judges' quarantine

Photo: Marcelo Camargo/Agência Brasil

Like the antagonist anticipated yesterday, the leader of the PP in the Chamber, cacá lion, from Bahia, presented an agglutinative amendment to insist on the attempt to establish a five-year electoral quarantine for judges and members of the Public Ministry under the new Electoral Code, the conclusion of which may be voted on today.

There was an agreement with the bulletin board to exclude police and military personnel from quarantine.

This proposal to prevent judges, such as Sergio Moro, and prosecutors from contesting elections had already been removed from the Electoral Code last week, in a vote in the plenary, during the assessment of the base ceiling, as we reported.

In an attempt to revisit the theme, Cacá Leão, from the PP of Arthur Lira, Ciro Nogueira and Margarete Coelho, the rapporteur of the Code, joined two amendments that had absolutely nothing to do with quarantine

the antagonist publishes the list of party leaders who supported such amendment:

Cacá Leão, leader of the PP
Rodrigo de Castro, PSDB leader
Hugo Motta, leader of the Republicans
Aluisio Mendes, leader of the PSC
Isnaldo Bulhões Jr., leader of the MDB
Antonio Brito, PSD leader
Lucas Vergilio, leader of Solidarity
Efraim Filho, leader of the DEM
Wellington Roberto, PL leader