Fiocruz resumes deliveries predicts 15 million doses in September

Fiocruz (Oswaldo Cruz Foundation) informed that it delivers today to the PNI (National Immunization Plan) a batch of 1.7 million doses of Astrazeneca/Oxford vaccine against covid-19. In total, 15 million doses are expected to be delivered by the end of September, according to the foundation.

Rio de Janeiro, where the vaccine factory is located, will receive 50,000 doses directly. The rest will be distributed to all states and municipalities by the Ministry of Health. The foundation provides for other distributions throughout the week.

Fiocruz’s last delivery to the PNI was on August 27, when 3.5 million vaccines were released. The break of more than two weeks happened because the monthly batch of the IFA (active pharmaceutical ingredient) only arrived on the 25th and 30th of last month.

Considering the three weeks for production and quality control, the foundation already expected to resume deliveries this week. Although at least five states have registered a lack of Astrazeneca for the second dose, including Rio de Janeiro, Fiocruz claims that the amount of vaccines delivered so far and this month’s forecast dispel the idea of ​​shortages.

In a statement, the foundation stated that “it is responsible for the production and delivery of vaccines to the Ministry of Health, which distributes them to the states and these to the municipalities, with managers having to decide on the use of doses”.

In response to the report, the foundation reiterated that it does not know details about the distribution.

Lack of Astrazeneca for 2nd dose

Last week, Mato Grosso do Sul, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Rio Grande do Norte and Rio Grande do Sul registered lack of Astrazeneca for the second dose. Wanted by UOL last week, the Ministry of Health justified that “it should not quantitative second dose of covid-19 vaccines to any Brazilian state”.

The states, however, say that Health has not sent the required number of doses.

Rio de Janeiro, for example, was not expected to receive doses until today, but states that the vaccination schedule should not be compromised, as there is authorization to apply Pfizer as a second dose to those who received Astrazeneca in the first application.

In relation to São Paulo, the Ministry of Health states that “the state used vaccines intended for dose two as the first dose”. To UOL, the Executive Secretary of Health, Eduardo Ribeiro, responsible for the logistics of vaccines in the state, says that São Paulo has its own vaccination schedule, modeled following the complexities of each municipality.

“Doses are forwarded progressively, no one ‘keeps’ a dose. There is no ministry directive to send a thousand doses, to apply 500 and to keep 500 doses for three months. [das vacinas] does not allow. The producer’s difficulty is notorious [Fiocruz] to honor with commitment and understand that it puts the ministry in difficulty. We are not about to create a workhorse, we are looking for a solution,” he said.