First MMORPG officially translated into Portuguese, Ragnarök Online celebrates 17 years in Brazil ⋆

Promoting legendary adventures, Ragnarök Online it has marked and continues to mark the lives of players around the world, and its resounding success has contributed to Gravity, the game’s developer, producing dozens of other adaptations of the game for the most varied possible platforms. In Brazil, the title, which was the first MMORPG officially translated into our Portuguese (thanks to Level Up), is celebrating 17 years of service, and to celebrate this great milestone, the publisher has prepared a series of unprecedented events inside and outside the game .

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According to information presented in a release, the celebrations will be marked by four in-game events, all of which will take place until October 4th. To start with, we will have a celebration event, in which some NPCs will present some special tasks for the adventurers (with nice rewards). In addition, the celebration will also be marked by a quest for GMs (which will result in beautiful gifts), a fairy event and new chests full of new items. In short, the month of September will be very busy for players and many gifts will be offered. So, if you’re still dedicated to the classic MMORPG, it’s good not to miss it.

It is also worth noting that the game will be one of the attractions of the Anime Friends event, which will have a 100% digital format this year and will take place between September 30th and October 1st. In this case, the participation of the legendary Ragnarök Online at the fair will be marked by a great competition between guilds and testimonials from renowned players, which will reveal some of the stories lived together with the game, throughout its 17 years of life. Finally, the 17th anniversary of one of the greatest MMORPGs in history will be celebrated in style. That’s why it’s good that you don’t miss out on the party. Check out the nostalgic promotional video of when the game arrived in Brazil below.