For the first time, Fabiula Nascimento speaks openly about cases of domestic violence: ”It wasn’t easy”

Actress says she lived complicated moments with her mother during childhood because of her father, with whom she no longer lives

Fabula birth he spoke openly, for the first time, about the history of domestic violence he suffered during childhood, on account of his father, with whom he no longer lives.

To podcast wide panties, presented by Tati Bernardi, Camila Fremder and Helen Ramos, the actress said that she took too long to talk about the subject for fear of virtual attacks. She said that she has been working on forgiveness, but that she doesn’t intend to live with her father again.

“I’ve never talked about it. But it’s something I’ve always wanted to talk about. I think, nowadays, because he’s alive and because of the violence I’ve already prescribed, with the internet world we live in and this bad thing which she also brings from gratuitous hatred, I don’t ever want him to suffer any kind of written violence or for someone to look and say: ‘Oh, you know this guy.’ That doesn’t matter anymore.”, she said.

“It’s been years of working forgiveness and wishing the best things for this man, so he can go on and be well. It’s always been my spiritual work in life. I don’t do conventional therapy, I’m in holistic therapy, for at least 8 years. I’ve been working on this. Today, I have him in a place of my heart that is super careful, you know? I hugged that child, because he was also a child, right? He also had difficulties. And we continue. to live together”, explained.


the wife of Emilio Dantas also took the opportunity to talk about the difficulties faced by the mother. She said that the relative had very few opportunities in life and that she experienced a lot of suffering.

“She suffered a lot, in relationships, in life and at home. It was not an easy life. But she is a woman who maintains such a potent joy. The best teaching she gave me was to be happy for being alive and not being the woman that she was. Submissive, she swallowed violence. I looked here and thought I didn’t want to be that woman. That was the greatest teaching my mother gave me. She prepared me for a life where I would never go through this. I immediately identify violent people and not let them cross my path. So she gave me life. It’s my love. She’s an extremely loving person and it hasn’t hardened, you know?”.