Gracyanne Barbosa displays muscular body on Instagram: “more empathy and respect”

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Gracyanne Barbosa has been generating a lot of comments on the web because of her physique. Recently, singer Belo’s wife made a point of making many publications demonstrating the evolution of her body over the years. Even today (14), Gracy’s muscular body is making waves.

In the last publication, Gracyanne Barbosa appears displaying the hundreds of muscles throughout her body. In addition to the click, she also took a moment to reflect on the prejudice that comes from being a muscular woman.

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According to Gracyanne Barbosa, the choices she made for her life brought her countless results and helped her achieve much more than she imagined: “Achievements that go far beyond muscles and butt in the back of the neck! These choices taught me to have discipline, patience, to understand what time is, what it means to renounce and many other things…”.

Belo’s wife also added: “She showed me who Gracyanne Barbosa is, the one who was often unworthy, judged, suffered prejudice, heard many no, but who used all of this as an impulse, towards everything she always believed in”.

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Gracyanne Barbosa, too, stated that being muscular still causes strangeness in her people. However, he made it clear that people need to learn to have more empathy and respect, since being muscular is an option and respecting the other’s choice is everyone’s obligation.

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