Grêmio enters with a guarantee in the STJD to try to stop fans against Flamengo | Guild

The Grêmio filed a guarantee of personal order at the Superior Court of Sports Justice (STJD) early this Tuesday afternoon. The agency confirmed that it received the request from the gauchos, but there is no deadline to appreciate the piece.

The ge had informed the Grêmio intention on Monday. With the initiative, Tricolor tries one last move to bar the presence of the public at Maracanã for the game with Flamengo, this Wednesday, valid for the quarterfinals of the Copa do Brasil. But, as the ge found out, the expectation at the club is low for a positive response and the measure is seen as an “obligation” to establish a position.

The club from Rio Grande do Sul defends that there is no support in the stadium since the protocol of return to the public made by CBF provides that, in knockout matches, if a square is not allowed to receive supporters in the stands, the two games must take place without fans.

In a consultation made to the CBF, Grêmio heard that there is a court decision in the STJD in favor of Flamengo, which releases the presence of fans in Maracanã. So he excused himself from the case.

Flamengo fan withdraws ticket for match at Maracanã — Photo: Leonardo Müller/RBS TV

In addition to Grêmio’s initiative, there is also a request from 17 other clubs in the Brazilian Championship for the injunction that allows Flamengo to receive the public to be suspended or judged before the deadline. The STJD has the subject on the agenda of the 23rd of September.

Grêmio even threatened not to take the field on Wednesday if there were fans in the stands. By the way, this hypothesis still circulates behind the scenes, although officially the club has backed down due to the possibility of consequences of an eventual absence.