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GTA 5 will be re-released for PlayStation 5 (PS5) and Xbox Series X/S, as announced by Rockstar Games in May this year. However, the release date, which was scheduled for November 11th, has been pushed back on the PlayStation Showcase from Thursday (9). Now fans should look forward to the game in March 2022. The promise is that GTA V will take advantage of the features of the next generation to receive improvements, both in terms of graphics and in gameplay.

Despite the news, many fans of the franchise did not approve of the re-release. The trailer released at the Sony event has become one of the most disliked videos on PlayStation YouTube. Check out, below, more details about the game on the new consoles and some interesting facts about the re-release.

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See what is known so far about the launch of GTA V for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S — Photo: Disclosure/Rockstar

Rockstar Games has summarized the new version of GTA V as an expansion and enhancement of the game, not a simple optimization. The game will receive technical improvements, graphical updates and an improved performance to take full advantage of the advantages that new consoles can offer. The goal is to make the title even more beautiful and responsive than previous versions. The company also summarized this release with the trailer, but didn’t release other big information about the changes.

Rumors indicate that GTA V will use the RAGE Engine, the same used in Red Dead Redemption 2. It is also speculated that the PS5 version can run in 4K at 60 FPS. However, this is not a big news, as PC users are already able to reach these numbers. Thus, it is speculated that, at least on PS5, the new GTA V will be similar to the PC version with high-end hardware. It is noteworthy that the rumors are about the version for Sony’s console and that no further details were released regarding the option for Xbox Series X/S.

Rockstar has not yet released concrete information about the best in the re-launch for the new generation — Photo: Disclosure/Rockstar Games

GTA Online is the way multiplayer in GTA V which has a huge player base. The title has features very similar to the conventional game and brings unique goals for users to enjoy. The new version will also be available in March 2022 and will be released separately from the original game.

Also, there will be certain benefits for players to have more advantages with version changes. GTA Online will receive new features and updates throughout the year. The game will also be free for the first three months after launch and there will be no need to have GTA V to play.

It was also confirmed that GTA Online will have some surprises to commemorate 20 years since the launch of GTA III. Players will be able to upgrade their vehicles, but more details about both new features are yet to be released by Rockstar. For GTA Online players on PlayStation 4 (PS4), the amount of one million GTA$, the game’s virtual currency, will be made available per month until the release of the next-gen version.

GTA Online will be free for three months after launch for PS5 and Xbox Series — Photo: Disclosure/Rockstar

Originally, the Grand Theft Auto V for the new generation of consoles was slated to be released on November 11, 2021. However, Rockstar announced the postponement to March 2022 on last Thursday’s PlayStation Showcase (9). Fans, who are already disappointed by the lack of news about GTA 6, ended up quite annoying the players, who were waiting for the news of the new version. Added to this, the few changes seen in the trailer generated even more criticism from the game community.

GTA V is a huge success, with more than 150 million units sold until this year 2021. However, it seems that the gaming community is increasingly rooting for a possible sequel and coming to the conclusion that the 2013 game should be dropped by Rockstar. This was most clearly demonstrated in reactions to the GTA V trailer for PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. Many criticized the look seen in the video and claimed that the game had barely changed from the PS4 version.

The criticisms mostly occurred on social networks like Twitter and Reddit, where many memes were created. However, the discontent was even clearer in the trailer released on YouTube. The video on the official PlayStation channel has, so far, more than 124 thousand dislikes, against just over 25 thousand likes, and has several negative comments from users. Similar numbers were seen in the same video released on Rockstar’s official channel and other channels on the platform.

These reactions involving the franchise are nothing new. At E3 2021, during the presentation of Take-Two Interactive, the company that owns Rockstar, something similar happened. At the time, fans were waiting for news from GTA V and some information about the GTA VI sequel, but the company chose to lead a discussion about diversity in the gaming industry. Although an important issue, fans were disappointed by the lack of ads and criticized Take-Two for it.

No information about GTA 6

Awaited sequel to the franchise, GTA VI unfortunately will take a while to get off the ground. While Rockstar hasn’t commented on the game’s details, rumors indicate that it won’t be released until the year 2024. To make matters worse, Rockstar has undergone changes following the departure of its co-founder, Dan Houser, earlier this year. Everything indicates that the company wants to keep alive the interest of fans of the franchise in GTA V through the console generations, while GTA VI is not really ready to be, at least, announced to its audience.

While there’s almost no content on the sixth GTA game, fans of the franchise are eagerly awaiting information on rumors of remakes of GTA III, GTA: Vice City and GTA: San Andreas. The information is from the Kotaku portal, which stated in August that Rockstar would already be working on remakes for PlayStation 4 (PS4), PlayStation 5 (PS5), Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PCs, Nintendo Switch, Google Stadia , Android and iPhone (iOS). So far, fans have not had official confirmation from the developer.

Hopeless with GTA VI and disappointed by the re-release of GTA V, fans await confirmation on remakes — Photo: Reproduction/XXII

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