Hamilton ‘needs to think’ about Verstappen, but expects new incidents

The incident between Hamilton and Verstappen at the Italian GP was the second in 2021 (Photo: Formula 1)

360 camera in Hamilton’s car shows how Verstappen hit him in an accident (Video: F1)

Lewis Hamilton believes Max Verstappen’s accidents in the 2021 Formula One season will continue if they don’t learn from recent events. In the Briton’s view, it’s easy to continue acting the same way when you escape this type of situation unscathed.

Silverstone and Monza scored two major accidents between the contenders for this year’s F1 title. In the British GP, it was the Red Bull starter who got the most fright in a 51G accident. In the Italian GP, ​​Hamilton was the one who got the worst of it, as he was hit in the head by the Red Bull car.

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Lewis Hamilton considered that lessons need to be learned from recent accidents with Max Verstappen (Photo: Luca Bruno/AFP)

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With Verstappen leading the Worlds with just a five-point lead, Hamilton believes these incidents will continue if they don’t learn their lessons.

“This will continue,” Hamilton said. “We have to learn from our scenarios on the track and I have no history of these incidents,” he continued.

“In the end, when you get away with something like that, it’s easy to keep doing it,” he commented.

Asked if Verstappen runs with a different code of conduct, Hamilton replied: “I’ll need to think because this was the first…I don’t think I’ve ever been hit in the head by a car before.”

“It was a shock to me because you saw the image, my head is really far forward,” he pointed out. “I’ve been running for a long, long time so I’m so grateful that I’m still here and I feel incredibly blessed. As if someone was looking out for me”, he concluded.

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