Heat is coming! Does beer cause bad breath? Find it out!

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Apparently, the low temperatures are in the past and this warmth that is approaching increases the desire to have a beer at the end of the day. The feeling of freshness can even be pleasurable, but what about oral health? Could a harmless draft beer cause bad breath?

Unsurprisingly, sugary foods and the acid in fruit juices do not even benefit teeth. But dentists also warn of another hidden source of damage to oral health: alcohol.

The biggest problem is with acidic beverages such as wine, fruit and coffee, as they dry out the mouth, suck calcium from the teeth and cause bad breath, in addition to being associated with a higher risk of mouth cancer. Citrus beers, such as sour beers, can trigger the problem.

When you put something acidic in your mouth, the protective layer of calcium on the surface of your teeth starts to dissolve. This is because the acid softens the enamel and weakens its structure. When enamel is worn away, the nerves can be more exposed, which causes sensitivity and pain. Most alcoholic beverages are extremely acidic. A tip is to rinse your mouth after a few glasses.

stains and pain
Enamel wear exposes dentin, which is darker and yellower. Therefore, drinking a lot of dark drinks, such as stout beers, can make this situation even worse. If your tooth is stained, you can resolve this with brushing, but not brushing too much, otherwise you might end up taking even more of the enamel. If the condition is serious, look for a specialist or have a whitening with a professional.

After drinking, wait at least an hour and a half before brushing your teeth as this will allow the enamel surface to harden and not wear away when brushing.

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