Horoscope of the Day: Forecasts for September 15, 2021 | Prediction and Stars

Marcelo Dallas



The sky brings inspiring aspects today, especially in the morning and evening. But it asks for greater care with communication in the afternoon. Better to avoid arguments. Take the opportunity to research better, acquire more wisdom and awareness. Also ideal time to cultivate realism, commitment and maturity, with the Moon in Capricorn. Take the opportunity to control anxiety with moments of relaxation and meditation. Do you take care of your health with good nutrition, exercise regularly and respect your limits?


Heaven asks you to prioritize obligations and cultivate perseverance. The Moon in Capricorn and asks for responsibility. But at the same time, avoid pushing the demands too hard, both on yourself and others. Try to measure the desire to grow with the awareness that everything must be done one step at a time. It’s worth combining realism with hints of inspiration and sensitivity as well. The Moon combines with Sun and Neptune at night, favoring artistic activities and transcendental practices.


Activities related to communication, trade and information exchange call for more patience. The Moon challenges Mercury, it is not good to act in a hurry or to accumulate tasks. Avoid exaggerating criticisms, demands or demands. Take the opportunity to deepen your studies or engage in some creative activity, looking for new ways to express your sensitivity. So it gains more lightness! Be open and attentive to new proposals, with the Moon in Capricorn, enjoy analyzing them with practicality and prudence.


Good day to cultivate your entrepreneurial side. The Moon remains in Capricorn: it is a pleasure to manage the time so that the day becomes more productive. Discernment, responsibility, competence and professionalism are the watchwords. However, be careful not to exaggerate rigidity or demands. Try to be flexible and creative. Today the Moon challenges Mercury, asking for greater care with negotiations and exchanges of information. Instead of rushing or rushing, the idea is to do everything with whimsy and perfect the details.


Take advantage of Moon in Capricorn to set achievable goals and prioritize the most important issues. The sense of responsibility and duty must speak louder. You can channel the expansion energy objectively. At the same time, the desire to investigate, learn, understand and discover is also on the agenda. The Sun combines forces with Pluto: you can dive into yourself, face the issues to be worked on and transformed. Therapies and enlightening conversations help a lot in this process.


The Moon remains in Capricorn, the key is to cultivate competence and determination. Ideas, communication, trade, negotiations and agreements must be forwarded with more patience and professionalism. Avoid bumping into people. Individualistic, childish, impulsive or reckless postures are more evident and can bring harm. Especially in the afternoon and early evening, when the Moon challenges Mercury. Better to avoid complicated discussions or negotiations during this period.


The New Moon follows Capricorn, you can organize your finances, structure plans, commit to people and goals that prove viable. You can also demonstrate your talents, skills and competencies more responsibly. Let go of demanding or negative postures. It’s time to invest in credibility, work and productivity so you can achieve success. Also take the opportunity to take good care of yourself, preparing yourself for the new achievements that will be activated after your birthday.


The Moon stays in Capricorn, while the Sun combines with Pluto: you can cultivate a more enterprising and determined attitude. However, be careful to avoid disputes! Instead of projecting culprits, it is important to observe what should transform in your life, the issues to be worked on in yourself. Moon and Mercury are still in tense aspects, this is not a good time for arguments. It is worth taking extra care with communication to avoid misunderstandings. The more thoughtfulness, planning and prudence the better!


Period in which professionalism gains evidence, a more mature and committed posture can count in your favor. The Moon follows the Capricorn professional: stay within the proposed objectives and organize your time better, so as not to sin for excess. It is worth leaving behind old habits that harm you, learning to live in a more peaceful and relaxed way. However, beware of haste and speed. Keep focusing energy on delivering projects. Enthusiasm and confidence, together with sensitivity and intuition, guarantee advances.


It’s important now to cultivate more gentleness when talking to people. Take advantage of the Moon following in your sign to advance in your work, time can yield more as you show your presence and demonstrate competence. But avoid getting heavy on the charges, avoid bumping into people. The best thing to do is to bow your head and do what must be done yourself. The Sun combines forces with Pluto, who is still in your sign: continue to invest in cleansing, recycling, healing, therapy and/or detoxification.


But try to make a list of priorities, so you can enjoy the period. With the Moon in Capricorn, it is time to cultivate maturity, to think about medium and long term issues. Communication calls for more care. It is important to cultivate more understanding and warmth when expressing thoughts and feelings. Practical procedures can be delayed in the afternoon, so the more patience and realism the better. Avoid giving scope for complaints, try to take it easy on people around you.


It’s good to avoid rushing and take extra care with communications, especially in the afternoon. Prefer to share lofty, philosophical, creative and imaginative ideas, rather than feed criticism and backbiting. After work, it’s worth tuning into a softer, more introspective frequency to reflect and observe yourself. Sun and Pluto align, it’s easier to cultivate the courage for investigations. Seek to understand yourself better. So you can take new steps, move forward and gain ground with greater faith, determination and confidence.