Horse steals blanket and wakes up the stall’s pawns

The Colorado horse stole the show in the first stall of “The Farm 2021” by RecordTV. While the pedestrians slept in the accommodation, the animal took the opportunity to steal a participant’s blanket. In addition to waking up the confined in an unusual way, the horse rumbled loudly throughout the night, for the amusement, or not, of the pedestrians.

During the live program, Adriane Galisteu questioned Dayane about the new “roommate”.

“He’s a sweetie, I’m in love with him,” he said. the former Gran Fratello.

On social networks, viewers commented on the animal’s special participation in the reality show.

First edition bay

Solange, Nego do Borel, Victor Pecoraro, Dynho, Mussunzinho and Dayane were chosen to be in the bay.

Initially, the pawns had to split into six triplets, leaving two pawns out. Valentina Francavilla and Tiago Piquilo were left over after the definition of the trios and, after revealing a sign, they discovered that they were automatically at the headquarters.

Then, in rounds of trios, each participant had to justify why they should stay at the headquarters. The “privileged” were defined by voting of the other participants. Some promised to cook for the other pedestrians and Victor Pecoraro even cited a sciatic nerve problem to justify his stay at the headquarters.

After the vote, the six pawns that would stay in the stall were defined. During the dynamic, Dayane Mello got involved and ended up exchanging barbs with MC Gui and Rico Melquiades, leading the first confusion of the edition.

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