How can I know if I have a negative name? check out

The process that leads to default takes place in four stages. Understand how to check if your name is “dirty”, that is, negative.

According to data from Serasa Experian, Brazil has over 62 million people with the name negative. Having a negative CPF makes the credit score low (points for credit risk assessment), which consequently makes it difficult to get credit, approve a card, open a credit card, etc.

And sometimes it happens that the CPF is negative and the person is not even aware that it happened. Although companies are required to notify the consumer, it may happen that due to changes in telephone number, address or registration information, the notification is not properly sent.

So, just in case, it doesn’t hurt to check your CPF on Serasa every now and then for guarantee. But how can I check if I have a negative name? First of all, know that the consultation is free online and can be done on any credit protection website.

Now, to find out if there is any debt in your name, you need to consult your CPF. Here, follow a step by step to help you:

  1. Access Serasa’s website;
  2. Select the option “Consult CPF for free”;
  3. Make your registration, if you haven’t done it yet;
  4. If it was necessary to register, confirm your email;
  5. Enter your login and password;
  6. Select the option “My CPF” and check if there are any pending issues.

What happens to my name being negative?

The process that leads to default takes place in four stages, which can take place over months, from the delay in paying the debt until the name is denied. At phases are the following:

  • First, there is late payment of bills;
  • Then, the debt is collected by the creditor;
  • Afterwards, the deadline is determined and the negative is informed; and
  • Finally, the name is negative.