Human remains are found in the stomach of an alligator suspected of devouring man in a flood

A huge alligator (alligator) suspected of attacking and killing a man as he traversed the floods caused by Hurricane Ida was captured on Monday (9/13), according to authorities in southeastern Louisiana (USA). A task force made up of environmental agents and hunters removed the 3.6-metre-long animal from circulation. Once captured, it turned out that the reptile had “what appears to be human remains” in its gut, according to local police.

Agents spotted the alligator in water near where it is believed to have attacked “and apparently killed” Timothy Satterlee Sr, 71, late last month, the day after Hurricane Ida hit the area.

Timothy Satterlee and his wife
Timothy Satterlee and his wife Photo: Reproduction

Satterlee’s wife said she was at her home when she heard “confusion” outside, reported the “McClatchy News,” citing a police report. She ran out and found a “big alligator attacking her husband” and tried to pull it out of the animal’s claws and jaws.

She pulled him out of the water to the front steps of the house, where she left him injured and went to get help. When she came back, the husband had disappeared.

A coroner is working to identify if the remains found inside the alligator were Timothy’s.