In connection with Bolsonaro, Temer explains the president’s imitations during dinner in SP

SAO PAULO – Former President Michel Temer called President Jair Bolsonaro this Tuesday to explain the video in which he appears laughing at an imitation of Bolsonaro by comedian André Marinho. In the phone call, the emedebist downplayed the jokes and said that Marinho had also imitated other political figures at the dinner, such as governor João Doria (PSDB), former minister Ciro Gomes (PDT) and former US president Donald Trump.

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In the video that went viral on social networks, businessmen and politicians laugh at Marinho’s imitation of Bolsonaro during a dinner at the home of businessman Naji Nahas, a friend of Temer’s, in São Paulo. The meeting was a tribute to the former president, who last week was in Brasília to meet Bolsonaro. After the conversation, the president backed away from coup statements made in the demonstrations on September 7th and released a letter praising Minister Alexandre de Moraes, from the Federal Supreme Court (STF).

At the dinner, which was attended by figures such as the national president of the PSD, Gilberto Kassab, the humorist played with the letter:

Son of Paulo Marinho (PSDB) also plays the voice of Ciro, Doria, Trump and Biden
Son of Paulo Marinho (PSDB) also plays the voice of Ciro, Doria, Trump and Biden

“As far as the president is concerned, I have to thank you (Temer) a lot, because you saved the bald guy here from getting a damn hemorrhoid,” says Marinho, imitating Bolsonaro. “And this letter I received from you, I thought it was a bit childish, a bit sissy. I’m thinking it was Michelzinho (the son of Temer) who sent it to me.”

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Temer’s surroundings rebut criticism about his performance in the episode of the letter to Bolsonaro. People close to him say the PT and the left were betting on “the worse the better” or “social upheaval” and argue that the former president helped to pacify the political environment.