In the US, where school bus drivers are lacking, governor orders the National Guard to take children; other states pay bonuses of up to R$21 thousand | World

There is a shortage of school bus drivers in the United States, and the governor of the state of Massachusetts has ordered the police to take the children to school.

The school year in the United States starts in September, after the summer in the Northern Hemisphere. In 2021, some states in the country have had difficulty hiring school bus drivers. Until now, public administrators have offered a hiring bonus for new professionals to come forward.

Below is a video from 2019 that shows a driver who was arrested for drinking while driving a school bus.

Driver arrested for drinking while driving school bus in USA

Driver arrested for drinking while driving school bus in USA

Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker ordered 250 National Guard agents to take the children to school to resolve the driver shortage. He announced the measure on a social network.

“Safe and reliable transportation to and from school every day is critical to the safety and education of our children,” he said.

The agents started on Tuesday (14). Initially, 90 guards will take buses with children in four cities.

Governments offer bonuses to new drivers

The lack of drivers has hindered the students, who have been late for classes.

According to the newspaper “Washington Post”, a part of the drivers found another occupation during the height of the coronavirus pandemic, when schools closed. Others are afraid to work on a bus full of unvaccinated children. Furthermore, there is a wave of retirements.

Education agencies have been campaigning to hire new drivers. The hourly wage and benefits are advertised as benefits. Some cities decided to pay a bonus of up to US$4,000 (about R$21,000) for new drivers. Others decided to give a bonus of US$ 500 (R$ 2,600) to drivers who nominate new professionals.

The state of Delaware decided to offer money to the countries to take their own children to school (the offer is US$700, or about R$3,600).

The city of Pittsburgh needs more than 400 drivers, and decided to postpone going back to school by two weeks.

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