Investigators find human remains in Louisiana alligator stomach | World

  • Understand how Hurricane Ida caused such destructive rains
  • Objects over 10,000 years old are found in the stomach of an alligator in the US

The St. Tammany Parish sheriff had been searching for this alligator for two weeks after the victim’s wife reported to rescuers that the victim, Timothy Satterlee, was missing after an alligator attack in the hurricane flooded areas. The old man had left his home in the small town of Sliddel to assess the damage from the strong winds.

According to the report of the security agents, the woman would have helped her partner to get rid of the animal and would have taken him home, quite slaughtered. She would then have decided to go by canoe to higher ground, about a kilometer away, for help.

When she returned with the rescuers, the husband was no longer where the woman had left him, according to the sheriff’s department. Agents searched the entire area with boats looking for the man, but he was not found.

Area hit by Hurricane Ida in the state of Louisiana in photo September 3, 2021 — Photo: Jonathan Ernst/Reuters

The passage of the Ida has caused destruction and flooding in several areas of the southeast coast of the United States since Sunday (29) and hundreds of people are still without access to electricity and have difficulty leaving their homes (see the video below).

Hurricane Ida wreaks havoc in Louisiana, USA

Hurricane Ida wreaks havoc in Louisiana, USA