‘It wasn’t negligence, it was thoughtful policy,’ says jurist on Bolsonaro’s actions ‘in favor’ of coronavirus | Policy

Jurist and former Justice Minister Miguel Reale Jr. said in an interview with GloboNews this Wednesday (15) that President Jair Bolsonaro acted in favor of the dissemination of the coronavirus in the country throughout the pandemic and that this was not negligence, but yes a thought policy.

Reale Jr. said Bolsonaro wanted to put the economy ahead of protecting life and public health, which led the country to cemeteries and ICUs.

The former justice minister coordinates the group of jurists who presented an opinion to Covid’s CPI listing the crimes committed by Bolsonaro in the pandemic.

“There were these measures, government policy. It wasn’t negligence. It was a thoughtful policy. An action aimed at valuing the economy. So much so that in March 2020, Secom, the Presidency’s Secretariat for Communication, launches a campaign: ‘the Brazil cannot stop.’ And, in fact, he was stopping at the cemetery, in the ICUs,” stated Reale Jr.

He also said that Bolsonaro’s option of prioritizing the economy and discarding measures to contain the virus is a crime of responsibility. And that, moreover, it proved to be a wrong option even from an economic point of view, because the countries in which the economy advanced after the crisis were those that fought the virus.

“It was a mistake, because Western economies clearly show that the economy only develops to the extent that dissemination was controlled [do vírus]”, continued the jurist.

For Miguel Reale, Bolsonaro spent the pandemic “conspiring” in favor of the coronavirus

“It’s impressive. Survey that was made of the conduct [de Bolsonaro] last year, all of last year and this year, conspiring in favor of the virus, spreading the virus, putting the economy ahead of protecting life,” he added.

Miguel Reale Júnior says president commits quackery when defending chloroquine

Miguel Reale Júnior says president commits quackery when defending chloroquine

In the opinion delivered to the CPI this Tuesday (14), the jurists point out the following crimes committed by Bolsonaro in the pandemic:


The individual guarantees provided for in the Constitution include the right to life and health. According to the opinion, the crime of responsibility was committed by Bolsonaro at various stages of the pandemic by promoting agglomerations; encourage the use of products proven to be ineffective against Covid, such as chloroquine and ivermectin, and criticize social isolation.

The report points out that the president “has stopped buying vaccines” and compromised the immunization of the population by not responding to proposals from the Butantan Institute and Pfizer.

“The President of the Republic fails to fulfill his duty, to assume the coordination of the fight against the pandemic, saying that any action by the Supreme Court has been prohibited, which, as highlighted earlier, denies it, as there is common competence, and the Union, States and Municipalities must act together according to the structure of the Unified Health System”, says the document.

The crime of epidemic is related to behaviors such as helping to spread the coronavirus, generating clusters and disrespecting the use of the mask

“The President of the Republic practiced acts of public manifestation and normative acts clearly in order to cause the spread of the epidemic, either to seek herd immunity, or to supposedly privilege the economy at the expense of the life and health of the Brazilian population”, he points out the opinion.


This crime is characterized when someone disrespects measures aimed at preventing the spread of the virus, such as quarantine or isolation.

At this point, the jurists cited tours that Bolsonaro took through Brasília, occasions in which he and the president, without a mask, hugged people.

The term refers to the illegal act of announcing the cure of a disease by a secret means.

“The encouragement of the use of chloroquine and other drugs not scientifically proven was an arm of the policy to encourage the spread of the disease. By selling and propagating a supposed cure for Covid-19, from the use of drugs without proven efficacy and with possible serious side effects, the President demonstrates an absolute contempt for the health of Brazilians, revealing that his concern is solely and exclusively focused on the quick return of people to work,” said the opinion.

The conduct pointed out in the report is also related to encouraging government supporters to disregard municipal, state and federal standards of isolation and protection.

“The President of the Republic Jair Messias Bolsonaro, by encouraging the population to gather, not to wear a mask and not to be vaccinated, incited the population to violate the government’s determination aimed at preventing the spread of a contagious disease”, the jurists say.

Malfunction is characterized when a public official hinders or delays some of the obligations of his position.

The commission of jurists mentions an episode in which deputy Luis Miranda (DEM-DF) and his brother, the import head of the Department of Health Logistics of the Ministry of Health, Luis Ricardo Miranda, claimed to have warned Bolsonaro about suspected irregularities in the purchase of the Indian Covaxin vaccine. “In view of the factual set of evidence produced by the CPI, it is possible to affirm that the Miranda brothers did not break the truth when they denounced serious facts of corruption in the Ministry of Health”, justify the jurists.


Here, jurists speak of a widespread attack on the population that causes lasting damage to the physical and mental health of patients.

At this point, the opinion makes reference to the lack of oxygen supply in the city of Manaus and the outbreaks of contamination among indigenous populations.

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