Ivete Sangalo shares the stage with Marcelinho on TV in a LINDA performance, and gets emotional: ‘What a talent you are, my son’; watch

Does anyone have a tissue there? This Tuesday (14), Ivete Sangalo starred in a beautiful and beyond emotional moment with her son, Marcelo Sangalo Cady. During her program “Música Boa ao Vivo”, on Multishow, the artist performed “Caçador de Mim”, a classic of Brazilian music, with the accompaniment of her 11-year-old son.

While the artist released her voice, the little one, the result of her relationship with Daniel Cady, rocked the drums and ended up tearing tears from Ivete, who at various times during the presentation, had her voice choked. At the end of the performance, the proud mother couldn’t hold back and made a beautiful statement to Marcelo.

“I love you, what a talent you are, my son”, observed the presenter, still having great difficulty speaking due to the turmoil of feelings. “The guy (God) gave an exaggerated one and sent you to me. The system was extrapolated”, she added. How much love! Just spy:

Later, on social media, ‘Veveta’ shared the records of the performance and made a beautiful statement to his eldest son. “My gift! Today I experienced an emotion that I could not even imagine in the best dreams: having a child so special and so full of everything that is wonderful. Today he played drums in a song that was very important to us!!!”, wrote the star.

“How proud, my son, I have of you, and how much respect Mom has for you! You are giant!!! Thank you for making me so happy and sharing your amazing talent with me! How lucky for me. I love you, my love, Marcelo Sangalo Cady!!!!!”, concluded Ivete.

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In the comments, several famous people praised the duo and revealed their reactions to the incredible performance. “I cried seeing, Veveta”, wrote Tatá Werneck. “What a special moment”, praised the muse Gisele Bundchen. “Oh my God, what a divine thing, beautiful to live”, said Fernanda Gentil. “What an unforgettable moment was that”, if it melted Mari Gonzalez. Newcomer to the art world, Juliette Freire, was also moved by the video. “Oh, what a beautiful thing!”, she wrote. We also loved it a lot! This boy goes far!