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Jesuína (Laura Cardoso) will demonstrate that she is not just a helpless little lady in Império. After being questioned by José Alfredo (Alexandre Nero), the woman will make a mysterious call and will make it clear that she lied to the commander about Maurílio (Carmo Dalla Vecchia). “I did everything as agreed,” she will declare.

In this Wednesday (15th) chapter, the “man in black” will have questioned the woman about her past and discovered that she is the mother of a Maurilio, but not the same one that the almighty knows. In addition, he also learned that a man named Fabrício Melgaço helped her.

After collecting all the information he can, the “Emperor” will leave the woman’s house. That’s when she’ll show her true face and make a suspicious phone call that will prove her lies.

“It’s Jesuína, Maurílio’s mother! I know, you said I should only call in an emergency, but I think it’s urgent… There was a man here wanting to know about Maurilio. He didn’t say his name, but I heard the driver call him Commander. I did everything as agreed,” he will say.

It turns out that Zé will also notice that there are holes in Jesuína’s story, something he will comment on with Josué (Roberto Birindelli). “She lied to me. Or at least she only told me the parts that interested her,” Marta’s husband (Lilia Cabral) will argue.

Written by Aguinaldo Silva, Império (2014) won a “special edition” to fill the hole left after the end of Amor de Mãe on Globo’s prime time. The unprecedented Um Lugar ao Sol, the next telenovela in the 9 pm range, was postponed to premiere in the second half of this year.

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