José Alfredo reveals suspicion about Fabrício Melgaço

In the next chapters of the novel Empire, currently unhidden by TV Globo, José Alfredo (Alexandre Nero) keeps trying to discover the truth behind his enemy Fabricio Melgaço.

After discovering that his money stored in Switzerland has been stolen, the commander asks him to Cristina (Leandra Leal) Get ready to go to Switzerland and find out how the fortune disappeared. There, the former street vendor discovers that Fabrício Melgaço is the one who cleaned the safe.


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The millionaire then decides to go after the thief, but he can’t find him. He begins to suspect that man does not exist, since no one has ever seen him. “What if it’s just a fake name? This guy no one has ever seen, nor the owner Jesuína (Laura Cardoso), nor the man from the place that supposedly is where he lived. It may well be that someone invented a pseudonym”he says to Josue (Roberto Birindelli).

What would he do that for?“asks the ally. “Because this person who wants to destroy me knows everything about me, deprives or has already deprived me of my identity. You know about Sebastião Ferreira, about Mount Roraima, he had an account number, a password for Switzerland. Perfectly someone could have invented that name. And to throw him off, he uses an easy name so I don’t get to him easily or never get there”, defends the millionaire.

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