Juju Salimeni reveals that he was harassed on the ‘Scream’ program

Juju Salimeni made a revelation that left many fans surprised. The muse, who became known nationally during her passage through the now extinct comedy “Pânico”, said that she suffered a lot as a result of bullying, previously seen as jokes, which she was subjected to while she was one of the panicats in the program presented by Emílio Surita.

in interview to Joel Jota’s podcast, the digital influencer confessed that the vast majority of girls who occupied the position of panicat suffered the same: “I think sexual abuse, a lot of women have gone through. Psychological abuse I risk telling you that 100%. Very few have not passed. Today I recognize it. I classify what I went through in Panic as total abuse”.

The former member of the former program “Legendários”, broadcast by Record TV, confessed that only today she was able to see everything that happened with different eyes: “It was bullying, because you were there being humiliated. There are ways and ways to play. Today women have gained greater space and respect. Today it is unacceptable to treat a woman the way they did. It was bullying all the time”.

The ex-wife of bodybuilder Felipe Franco said they confused the show’s stage assistants with call girls and offered money to go out: “She thinks that if she offers anything, she will, that she makes a living from it. Little do people know how much we worked. People paid, it may not be much for an actress, but ten thousand reais for you to spend an hour at a party”.

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The digital influencer continued talking about the time when she belonged to the panicat group, revealed details of the life she had and the presences she made: “Do you think the girl needs to do a program? We used to do these events from Monday to Monday. I had no agenda. It was a club, a gym, a beauty salon opening. There was no lack”.

Recently, the 34-year-old model blew her followers away by revealing an intimacy. Through her official Instagram profile, the digital influencer didn’t think twice when answering the curiosity of a follower on the social network. Asked if she would stay with women, Juju was surprised by her answer and said: “I’m super open to new experiences. I never say never”.

Juju Salimeni was married for 14 years to Felipe Franco. In June 2019, the couple announced the end of their relationship. According to the blonde, the main reason for the end of the marriage was “a succession of mistakes on both sides”. Months later, she started dating Helisson Dias and stayed with him for just over two years.

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