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Liziane Gutierrez became the target of attacks in the activity that was worth four spots for the farmer’s first test of A Fazenda 13. After the end of the dynamic, the girl questioned Mileide Mihaile’s attack. “I just wanted to understand,” explained the model at dawn this Wednesday (15th).

“I thought it was ok [o nosso convívio]”, Liziane commented. Upon hearing the game opponent’s statement, the digital influencer took the opportunity to opine on the behavior of the other confined.

“But it’s ok, I don’t know if you’re worried about the game, with some question, I feel you distant,” replied the ex-wife of Wesley Naughty.

“I never see you, I don’t know if you’re in another place, with another group, I haven’t felt you yet. There were only super dear people there, it was difficult, and I went after you”, commented Mileide. Liziane then clarified:

I just wanted to understand. From the beginning, I’m feeling, I may be crazy, but I feel like there are people here who don’t give me a break. I try once, I try twice, I won’t keep trying.

“Suddenly I didn’t get closer to you because I didn’t find a loophole, I have nothing against you”, completed the model.

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