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The Court of Justice of Goiás (TJ-GO) determined, on Tuesday (14), that João Teixeira de Faria leave the prison and return to house arrest, as informed by his defense. Convicted of a series of sexual abuses against women during spiritual services, João de Deus has been serving his sentence since 2018, but he returned to the Prison Complex of Aparecida de Goiânia on August 26th. He always denied having committed the crimes.

  • João de Deus: understand the accusations, convictions and arrests

By offering the last complaint against him for rape of a vulnerable person, the Public Ministry of Goiás (MP-GO) made a new request for his arrest because the victims felt insecure with him serving a sentence in the home regime, which was accepted by the district of Abadiânia. Also according to prosecutors, the court accepted the complaint, making him a defendant, and ordered his arrest at the end of last month.

O G1 contacted the MP-GO asking if they had already been notified and if they will appeal the decision by e-mail sent at 2:23 pm and awaiting a response.

João de Deus was already serving his sentence at home because of the coronavirus pandemic, but he returned to prison in August, after the 15th complaint filed by the MP against the defendant. Now, with the new unanimous decision of the Justice, he must return to answer for his crimes in his house, in Anapolis, 55 km from Goiânia.

According to the note released by lawyers Anderson Van Gualberto de Mendonça and Marcos Maciel Lara, the order of habeas corpus “removes the illegality of the last arrest decreed in its disfavor”.

In addition, the defense also said that it argued to the Court “its understanding based on the dignity of the human person, since João de Deus has several chronic diseases, attested by the medical board of the TJ-GO, and the fact that he is over 80 years old , in addition to the absence of the occurrence of new crimes and the lack of contemporaneity of the prison decreed with the facts under investigation”.

The Court of Justice of Goiás confirmed to the G1 who had the decision of habeas corpus, but said that the case remains in secret. The General Directorate of Penitentiary Administration (DGAP) informed that it had not yet received the release permit until 2:25 pm.

The defense concluded the statement saying that “it reiterates João Teixeira’s commitment to complying with all court decisions, as well as repudiating the cruel and unreasonable exposure of his image, always in the context of a public spectacle.”

João de Deus in archive photo — Photo: Reproduction/JN

On December 7, 2018, women began to report that they had been sexually abused by João de Deus during spiritual visits at Dom Inácio de Loyola house, in Abadiânia. A task force was created to investigate the crimes and more than 300 complaints were received.

In all, he has been denounced 15 times by the Public Ministry for sexual crimes. According to the agency, three processes have already been sentenced, that is, João Teixeira has already been punished for the facts committed against 10 women. In court, there are 12 complaints, which involve 56 women, who are still awaiting trial.

  • Fifteen allegations of sex crimes involving women from various states;
  • One for ideological falsehood;
  • One for corruption of witness and coercion;
  • One for illegal possession of firearms and ammunition in Abadiânia;
  • One for the seizure of documents, firearms and ammunition in Anápolis.
  • for illegal possession of a firearm, sentence of 4 years in semi-open regime, November 2019;
  • for sexual crimes committed against four women, sentenced to 19 years in a closed regime, in December 2019;
  • for sexual crimes committed against five women, sentenced to 40 years in a closed regime, in January 2020;
  • for sexual violation through fraud, to two and a half years of imprisonment, which can be served in an open regime, in May 2021.

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João Teixeira de Faria, the João de Deus — Photo: Ernesto Rodrigues/Estadão Content

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