Former president of OAS Léo Pinheiro.

Former president of OAS Léo Pinheiro.| Photo: Luis Macedo/Chamber of Deputies

The former president of the construction company OAS Léo Pinheiro backed away in accusations he made against former president Lula (PT) in his winning denunciation that closed with the Lava Jato operation. Léo Pinheiro’s retreat was made by means of a letter in his own hand that the newspaper The globe had access.

Second The globe, this letter was one of the reasons that led Judge Maria Carolina Akel Ayoub, of the 9th Federal Court of São Paulo, to shelve the investigation against Lula for alleged international influence peddling to benefit OAS in works abroad.

According to the indictment filed, Lula would have received money from the construction company to give a lecture in Costa Rica and, in return, would have made contacts to facilitate the contractor’s business in the country during the government of former president Dilma Rousseff. One of those contacts would have been with Nick Rischbieth, president of the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (BCIE). Lula would also have pledged to ask Dilma and then-minister Paulo Bernardo to enter into negotiations.

The report of The globe says the letter was written in May and that it was attached to the file in June. In the text, Léo Pinheiro says he doesn’t know if Lula interceded with Dilma and Paulo Bernardo. He also claims that he does not know if the conversations between Lula and Rischbieth had any “effectiveness”. And he says that OAS did not receive loans from the BCIE to finance works in Costa Rica.