life and luxury after the lottery of the father of 8 of MA singer

A mixture of superstition, altruism and faith: this is how those closest to him describe the singer Edésio Nascimento, the ‘Millionaire do Brega’, who became an internet sensation by winning twice the lottery in less than three months. The singer from Maranhão opened the game to UOL about the attention he received, life before and after the lottery and career plans.

His first achievement in the game came in June, when he became a millionaire by participating in a sweepstakes awarded by Quina de São João; and more recently, Maranhão was in a new sweepstakes that hit 15 numbers in the Lotofácil de Independência with the highest accumulated prize in history.

Amid the two jackpots, he also tells that he managed to hit the corner in the Mega-sena. Altogether, there are already nearly R$ 2 million with participation in the draws. Not surprisingly, he adopted the artistic name of ‘Millionaire do brega’, promoted his own caravan and heavily invested in his career as an artist.

Although he doesn’t care much about discretion, he guarantees that he doesn’t have big extravagances in the plans, such as buying boats, for example, but he admitted having already bought a jet ski and a motorcycle.

Still, it’s a relief to older children, who disapprove of their father’s exposure. The man from Maranhão had eight children, one of which is deceased. The youngest, from the current marriage, enjoys a new life with his father, without worries. The others, from Edésio’s last six relationships, ask for more caution with all this news.

Faith and ‘reward’

The luck to win so much in the lottery, according to him, didn’t come from the cradle and didn’t even have a ‘secret’, despite his wife assuming: there is, yes, a certain ‘lucky shirt’. “He is a person who believes a lot in God. He always asks God to bless his life and he always prays, every day. But when he goes to bet, he also likes to wear the same shirt, always”, jokes Emanuella Diniz.

At home, the singer’s routine is that of a carefree man. He takes care of his son, his wife and usually goes out to talk with friends and do a ‘joy’ in the lottery. Born in Maracaçumé and now 53 years old, Edésio says that he has gone through a lot of difficulty, suffered violence and already suffered from betrayal, but today he is amused by the situation.

“I’ve already ‘got’ shot, I’ve been stabbed, I’ve been hungry, I’ve been a candidate for councilor, I’ve lost, I’ve been ‘the horn’, I separated, I had depression, I went through the world of drugs, until I found Emanuella Diniz, my wife, and today I’m happy,” jokes the singer.

Lucky Shirt - Personal Archive - Personal Archive

Edésio Nascimento, before becoming the Millionaire do brega, wearing the lucky shirt he’s been wearing for years to bet on the lottery

Image: Personal archive

Amidst the upheavals, the biggest one happened when Edésio decided to leave Maracaçumé and move to Pinheiro, about 120 km away, after losing almost everything due to failure in political life and unsuccessful investments. In the city, he had been criticized by his family for having lost land, home, and other achievements. Everything changed after receiving the R$1.8 million prize from Quina de São João.

“I almost couldn’t believe I had won. I cried a lot because I bet for over 10 years, but I always lost. Today I thank God for winning this award. I’ve helped my mother, people who needed it, and I wanted to share this joy with people.”

It was exactly the idea of ​​spreading to everyone that he was a millionaire that attracted attention in the region. In a short time, Edésio became the owner of a big house, a luxury car, a SW4, and started to parade around the city with jewelry and a gold watch. All this after he decided to record the receipt of the millionaire prize with the lottery manager. At the time, the video ‘viralized’.

“It’s a lottery I always bet on and I have no problem showing that I’m happy. I usually say I’m going to buy a gold bracelet to keep at home? I’m going to wear it because that’s what I bought it for.”

The habit of betting on the lottery, by the way, he guarantees to keep. It’s part of your ritual. Since the last pool won, he has already made new bets – so far, no more successes.

Not everything is flowers

Even if saying calm for sharing the wealth, some people worry. The police are already prepared to deal with more problems.

On July 29, the artist’s house was the target of robbers, who took around R$ 50 thousand in goods. Criminals have already been identified, but no arrests have yet been made.

“Possibly this profile of ostentation may have influenced and contributed to the choice of the victim as the target of crimes of a patrimonial nature. It is not uncommon to find cases in which lottery winners are victims of robbery, kidnapping and even murder”, highlights the delegate from Pinheiro , Henry Tanaka.

Edésio’s wife reveals yet another characteristic of the singer that explains the fame in the city: The custom of ‘opening your hand’ with ease for those who ask for some help.

“He has a very good heart. Sometimes one asks for 100, 50, 200 because he was in need of food… He [Edésio] I’ve given up to 500. He likes helping people a lot, so they ask a lot. People also usually order basic food basket. There have been people who have already asked for a car and even for us to donate a house,” he says.

Emanuella also says that she admires her husband’s altruistic character, but she worries about such exposure because there are times when people are uncomfortable. In August, she made an outburst on social media about the matter.

“Leave us alone. There’s no Santa Claus here. When we didn’t have it, nobody gave it to us. People checked their fingers. Now, you go to places and people say ‘Hey Edésio, give me 100 reais, give me 20…’ People are already asking and don’t even ask how you are doing’, shot in a series of videos in Stories.


Involved with music since he was young, Edésio’s favorite style is ‘brega’, but the repertoire also features versions of young guard singers, such as Amado Batista and Roberto Carlos.

Before the awards, shows were scarce, especially with the pandemic decreasing the number of events. But after he became a millionaire, the singer’s life changed.

“For us, it has changed a lot. A lot of rushing shows. We travel a lot during the weekends. Things only get a little better during the week, because he stays at home more,” says his wife.

Encouraged by friends and the producer, he wants to show the world his new face and also the brand: “Milionário do Brega” – which, yes, is a reference to the singer Millionaire, famous for his duo with José Rico.

“Before the pandemic, I was only able to receive some of the rights that YouTube gave me, and through the help of family members. Now everything is better, I’m able to do more shows and I want to use my money to boost my career,” says Edésio.

Departing through the interior of Maranhão with the ‘Caravana do Milionário’, the goal now is to finish its first new CD and reach other states in the country. Lucky, he guarantees (and has been proving), that he shouldn’t miss out on the walk.