Liliana discovers that she and Lucia are the same person and that she was changed in the maternity hospital

(Photo: Reproduction)

In Amores Verdadeiros, Liliana (Shelyn) will be shocked to discover that she is the daughter of Adriana (Natalia Esperón) and Vicente (Marcelo Córdoba), whose name is Lúcia, although she was named Liliana by José Ângelo (Eduardo Yáñez) and Cristina ( Mónika Sánchez).

On the occasion, Nelson (Guillermo Capetillo) will invade the wedding of Candelária (Ana Martin) and Aníbal (Erique Rocha) to tell the secret. “I’m sorry to interrupt the ceremony, but as I wasn’t invited and I’m going to travel soon, I came to congratulate Senhor Aníbal, and as it is customary to give gifts at weddings, I want to comply with the old tradition”, he will say. “I want to take advantage of being surrounded by all of your family to finally take off your mask”, he will continue.

Nelson will then show a letter with a secret from the past written by Candelaria. “I’m sorry, but by revealing the contents of the letter, some people will suffer,” he will say. “Aguiar, you are not Liliana’s father”. “What is he saying? Are you crazy? I demand an explanation of what you’re saying,” the bodyguard will shout.

“Liliana is Vicente and Adriana’s daughter”, will answer the villain, leaving the bodyguard boiling with rage. “Aníbal confesses that Liliana is the daughter you stole from Adriana”, Nelson will say, making the old man nervous about the shack inside the church.

Liliana, of course, will be incredulous when she concludes that she is Lucia, Adriana’s lost daughter. She will burst into tears and will be supported by the Balvanera family. Aguiar, on the other hand, will take such a blow that he will run out of the church and almost get run over in the middle of the street.