Luana Piovani warns about Yellow September after friend’s death | celebrities

Luana Piovani warns about Yellow September after friend's death

Luana Piovani warns about Yellow September after friend’s death

The actress Luana Piovani reflected this Tuesday (14) on the Yellow September, month of suicide prevention, and alerted fans.

In her Instagram stories, the blonde commented on the month and revealed that a few days ago she lost a friend. “Did you guys even see a post these days with an ‘unpolite content’ message on Instagram? When you played, you had received the message that September is the month chosen for prevention. The slogan of the campaign was: ‘Call a person that you love her and ask her how she’s doing’. Several people posted and I found it curious, interesting… I ended up not calling, nor asking anyone ‘how are you?’, even because I usually do this on WhatApp”, he began.

“I’m a person very connected to WhatsApp, I talk to a lot of people. What I came to share with you is that three or four days ago I learned of the possible suicide of a friend of mine. The police are still investigating, they haven’t determined what might have happened, but there is a chance that he committed suicide and I keep thinking: ‘What if I had called to ask how you are?’ suicide is difficult because it is a silence, a lack of understanding, but a lack of conversation… It was a great coincidence that I saw these posts for two or three days,” he continued.

Luana still left a reflection for his followers. “I’m going to feel lonely in my pain, I’ve been feeling lonely, but I want you to think. Maybe there’s one more person besides those you talk to who deserves a ‘how are you?’ him?’, ‘why didn’t he call me?’… I hadn’t talked to him for a while, but I’m trying to turn this feeling of today into just memories of good things. He had a big smile, he was a great being. human,” he finished.