Luisa Stefani says she will undergo surgery in the coming weeks: “Passinho a passinho” | sneakers

– My body is recovering slowly, each day less swelling in the knee, less pain to move. I spend a large part of the day doing rehabilitation exercises, strengthening, mobility, ice, lifting my leg, in short, trying to strengthen as much as possible for the surgery. I’m going to need surgical treatment in a week and a half, two weeks. The doctors asked me a little more time to let the swelling go down and let the body recover a little on its own. But I’m progressing very well, today I was able to walk even without the crutch, I was super happy – explained Luisa.

– A large part of the process is mental, it’s trusting that the leg can handle it. I’m going step by step. I really appreciate all the messages, recommendations and suggestions that many people have been sending me. Sorry I haven’t answered one by one yet. But little by little I’m responding and sending you news. Still defining the details and the next steps, surgery and post-surgery, but everything is under way and going according to plan. Brigadão, a kiss and that’s it – he concluded.

Luisa Stefani was a bronze medalist at the Tokyo Olympics alongside Laura Pigossi. Today, the tennis player from São Paulo is the 13th in the world raking in female doubles.