Mah Tavares mocks Raissa Barbosa’s mental health; see the video

Fire in the hay! Tiktoker Maria Clara Tavares, known as Mah Tavares, was confirmed at the A Fazenda 13 magazine and the ad generated a lot of bullshit on the web. It turns out that the influencer appears in a video in which she mocks the mental health of the former farmer, Raissa Barbosa. The sequence of Stories is already circulating on social networks and internet users did not like the position of the candidate for the reality.

If anyone says that the memory of Brazilians is short, Raissa Barbosa’s fans proved that it wasn’t. After Mah’s confirmation in Paiol, they made a point of remembering when tiktoker not only made clear its disaffection for Raissa, but also mocked her mental health and even campaigned for the ex-peoa to leave the program. In one of the recovered videos, tiktoker says:

“I came to talk about something here on my Instagram and anyone who doesn’t like what I say just stop following me. Anyway, next, Raissa leaves and if I don’t, I won’t do anything, I’ll just be pissed because this person, this girl has a problem and people who have a problem have to go to the psychiatrist, understand? It doesn’t have to be on a reality show. Who likes her automatically stops following me please. Good night”. In another sequence she completed: “That’s my opinion, I never liked her anyway, I’m not going to like it now.”


Raissa also set fire to the playground and tweeted: “We already have someone to eliminate”, and shortly thereafter deleted the publication. The model in a string of tweets reacted to the fan exposure: “I love that you guys keep everything,” she said.

And it didn’t stop there, the model also made a point of rebutting tiktoker’s lines about her mental health:

“It’s not about liking me or not liking me. And about unnecessary speech, it’s about the person’s ignorance to think that a person can be excluded, psychological problems everyone has! Didn’t she already say that she suffers from anxiety? And it’s there! As soon as I entered, I was able to enter”, she vented. “The issue is psychophobia masked by opinion”, he added.

Farm 13 hasn’t started yet, but it already leaves a taste of bullshit! For those who don’t remember, Paiol Tik Tok is a kind of “glass house”, which brings together four tiktokers who compete for a single spot in the reality show. This is all at the discretion of the public. The dispute is between the influencer Sthefane Matos, the tiktoker Mah Tavares, the rapper Krawk and the choreographer Alisson Jordan. Only one of the participants will have the chance to enter the reality and compete for R$ 1.5 million.