Mario Frias criticizes Lei Paulo Gustavo: “Completely absurd”

Mario Frias, Secretary of Culture of the Bolsonaro government, used social media to celebrate the fact that the Paulo Gustavo Law was removed from the agenda at the deliberative session that took place in the federal Senate this Wednesday (14). Despite the bill providing for an incentive to culture, the former actor does not agree with such law.

Despite being Secretary of Culture, Mário Frias is against the Law Paulo Gustavo (Photo: Disclosure)

“I want to thank Senator Fernando Bezerra Coelho, Government Leader in the Senate, for withdrawing the Paulo Gustavo Bill from the agenda. This project is completely absurd!” he said Mario Frias on your Twitter. However, the senator just said that the government still needs to find a way to make the law viable.

Despite the situation of the Covid-19 be more controlled in Brazil, the financial deficit caused by the pandemic in early 2020 still needs to be addressed, mainly in the culture sector, the most affected. After all, theaters, cinemas, festivals, among others, had to close their doors when the contagion was still very high.

Because of this, the Paulo Gustavo Law provides for emergency actions to support culture during the pandemic. The proposal is to release fence BRL 3.8 billion for the country as a way to mitigate the negative financial and social effects generated by the pandemic.


However, to Mario Frias, who was once an actor, this law is absurd. “An absurdity that will transform the federal government into a compulsory withdrawal ATM. This law will allocate annually 4 billion reais for states to decide the destination of this resource. I am radically against it”, he declared in his Twitter.

However, it is important to emphasize that the Paulo Gustavo Law it can still prevail in another deliberative session.

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