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At dawn this Wednesday (15), the pedestrians of A Fazenda 13 participated in a dynamics worth four spots for the first farmer’s race of the season. Mileide Mihaile, Gui Araujo, Aline Mineiro and Erasmo Viana won the activity and will be able to compete for the head of the rural reality show.

During the dynamic, the confined had to hit rings on two pins: either the red, which eliminated, or the yellow, which could save an eliminated competitor.

Erasmus was the highlight in the three rounds of activity, eliminating his opponents. Mileide, Aline and Bill did not fare so well, but managed to survive the attacks of the other confined. Liziane Gutierrez and Marina Ferrari became the main targets for pedestrians.

After the end of the activity, Adriane Galisteu informed that the four participants had qualified for the farmer’s test, which will be shown during the live program on Wednesday.

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Schedules and dynamics of The Farm 13

The program will be shown every day of the week. Between Monday and Friday, the attraction presented by Adriane Galisteu will be aired after Quem Chama o Coração. On weekends, the time will be different.

On Saturdays, A Fazenda 13 is expected to start at 10:30 pm, after the Genesis rerun. On Sundays, the rural reality show airs at 11:15 pm, after the Spectacular Sunday, and will have a short version, of just 15 minutes.

The dynamics of the game and the days of the week will be similar to the one that gave results to Record last year, when the competition between the confined celebrities bothered Globo at Ibope, in addition to breaking the record of advertisers.

The live editions, with the formation of the garden, the farmer’s test and elimination, will take place between Tuesday and Thursday. The other activities will be recorded or available live to PlayPlus subscribers.

See below the schedules and activities of A Fazenda 13, according to the day of the week:

  • Monday, 10:45 pm – Fire test (recorded)
  • Tuesday, 22:45 – Farm formation (live)
  • Wednesday, 22:45 – Proof of the farmer (live)
  • Thursday, 22:45 – Elimination (live)
  • Friday, 22:45 – Coexistence of pedestrians + start of the party broadcast (live)
  • Saturday 10:30 pm – Best moments of the party (recorded)
  • Sunday, 23:15 – Coexistence of pedestrians (recorded)

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