Mkt and finance specialist grades Serie A teams

Corinthians was the owner of the worst score among the big clubs in Brazil (Rodrigo Coca/Corinthians)

Corinthians was the owner of the worst score among the big clubs in Brazil (Rodrigo Coca/Corinthians)

One of the most respected finance and marketing analysts in Brazilian football, Amir Somoggi gave notes at the request of Blog for the 20 Serie A clubs based on the reality presented by them at this time. And those who think that Brasileirão’s pointers are necessarily the best evaluated are wrong. In the list below, you will see four clubs with 10s and two more with zeros.

It owes more than R$100 million and published its balance sheet after the deadline. Hiding debt will never be the best management model. Chapecoense published its balance sheet after the deadline and that is a shame.

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SPORT: Grade 0
Very difficult situation, with large debts, low income… I was supposed to be in a much better situation. And even released the balance late.

A club that closed the last two years with a loss of R$300 million deserves a low score. And there’s more: why do Palmeiras and Flamengo get strong sponsorships and Corinthians don’t? Because they have credibility, something Corinthians lost in recent years.

SAINTS: Grade 5
You are living a drama. It’s not enough to just cut costs and balance finances. Need to increase revenue by accelerating the marketing department. President Andrés Rueda received a broken club. Santos has the ninth biggest supporter in Brazil, but is shot the best known abroad. And what does he get out of it? Nothing!

SAO PAULO: Grade 6
He improved a lot with Julio Casares, but he still falls short of what he can do. I get in the foot of São Paulo, because it has the third biggest fans in Brazil, it grows even more among young people, and touches Corinthians among fans with five to ten salaries. A greater marketing effort and technological innovation can make São Paulo occupy the space that is now owned by Palmeiras.

INTER: Grade 7 It comes from bad management. The current administration shows some improvement, the club is more organized, but it has fallen behind in terms of financial management.

It is becoming the second team in Minas Gerais, occupying space that Cruzeiro left. It is a very interesting club, which manages to grow thanks to its economic and financial structure.

BAHIA: Grade 7
Baita club, because it earns more than Santos with box office, it does well with sponsorship… The problem today has been sporting, with mistakes in hiring coaches and players. Another thing: 50% of the fans come from a very low income.

It is the only one in Rio de Janeiro that makes a counterpoint to Flamengo’s dominance, preventing Flamengo from becoming Bayern Munich today.

He did a great internal management job, he’s doing very well in sports, but I have to criticize the board’s selfishness. That’s not good, because brands are looking at everything. Why be so tough in negotiations, to the point of creating a split with other clubs?

Spend what you have and what you don’t have. If I didn’t have the support of the patrons, I wouldn’t have anything. Neither Arena MRV, nor Hulk, nor Diego Costa… Atlético-MG is a club with revenues of R$ 200 million per year.

There is the issue of Crefisa, which hires players, pays a player’s salary, pays a sponsorship equivalent to three times the market value. If Palmeiras had done Flamengo’s work, it would be a 10. I think Palmeiras does little with the money they collect.

It follows the Ceará line, although in a slightly worse situation. No wonder the duo from Ceará is emerging. One club pulls on the other.

Another emerging club, with a model to be replicated by teams from other divisions.

YOUTH: Grade 8
He managed to move up to Serie A with a very low budget, and earn well.

CUIABÁ: Grade 8.5
Club that has a lot of local support. Main source of income after TV is sponsorship, almost always from local companies. It could serve as a model for medium clubs that can’t meet.

Club that has 1% of the Brazilian fans, but owns one of the biggest fixed assets in Brazilian football. Just an asterisk: it was time for renewal in my opinion. Mario Celso Petraglia has already fulfilled his role. Athletico could be stronger in terms of marketing, commercial and football.

CEARÁ: Grade 10
It is the most efficient club in Brazil. It’s the one that does the most with the fewest resources. A pleasant surprise. It is so difficult for a club in the Northeast to survive and do well in practically all competitions with a lean budget.

It has a large investment by Red Bull, but it has a lower cost of football than Athletico, and it disputes the top positions in the championship, inch by inch. Not to mention the club’s aesthetic and communication standards.

GRAMIO: Grade 10
It closed with a profit of US$ 7 million even in the pandemic, while several clubs had millions in losses. In addition, it has controlled expenses, good management…