Movida (MOVI3) approves dividend distribution of R$ 510 million

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Movida (MOVI3) will distribute R$510 million in dividends on September 30, according to a statement released this Wednesday (15th).

According to the car rental company, the distribution of profits refers to BRL 300 million as interim dividends, based on the result of the second quarter, and BRL 210 million due to intermediate earnings, based on profits from previous exercises.

Also according to Movida, the amount distributed as interim dividends will be imputed to the mandatory minimum dividends for fiscal year 2021.

Movida sees the normality of used car prices in 2022

Highly impacted by the pandemic, the automotive sector suffers from a lack of parts, delaying the production of automakers and, consequently, raising their prices, whether new, used or used cars.

During the live of the InfoMoney, Movida’s CFO, Edmar Lopes, assessed that the situation, in 2022, may even improve, but it will not return to normal.

“The level of visibility is still small in relation to car delivery. July was good, August visibility is low and September is none”, he said.

“The issue of new cars [entrando na frota da companhia] that before we looked at the year’s closed number, now we look at the day, the month, last week”, he added.

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