Moving average of deaths by Covid-19 in Brazil drops 77% compared to June

The moving average of deaths by Covid-19 in Brazil fell 77% between June 13 and September 13, according to data from the website Our World in Data.

On June 13, the moving average of deaths over the past seven days was 1,999. On September 13, 465 deaths were recorded on average.

Vaccination is one of the factors that help explain the fall. On June 13, only 11 out of every 100 people were fully vaccinated in Brazil. On September 12, the last day with registration on the site, there were 34 people out of every 100.

Second survey of CNN, so far, 215.2 million doses have been applied in total. There are already 75.6 million people who completed the vaccination schedule with two or a single dose. At least 139.4 million received at least one dose.

Moving average of cases dropped 78% between June and September

The moving average of cases also fell between June 13th and September 13th.

On June 13, an average of 310 cases were registered daily. On September 13, there were 71 daily cases on average, representing a 78% drop in three months.

At the same time that the country registers a drop in the number of cases and deaths, the Delta variant advances, reaching all 26 states and the Federal District.

The last two states in which the lineage originating in India had not yet been confirmed were Acre and Roraima, both in the northern region of the country, according to the Genomic Network of the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Fiocruz).

Delta represents 62.4% of the samples sequenced in the country during the month of August. Gamma, prevalent in the country until the arrival of Delta, accounts for 34.8% of the genomes analyzed in the period.