Nenê says goodbye to Fluminense after termination and signs with Vasco until 2022

After sign the contract termination, midfielder Nenê used social media to say goodbye to Fluminense. In a publication, the player extolled the outstanding moments lived at the club, for which he made more than 100 matches. The 77 shirt was linked until the end of December and anticipated the end to sign with Vasco until December 2022, which has already happened. He hopes to be out at the IDB to debut on Thursday, for Serie B.

– I would like to thank Fluminense, the entire Tricolor crowd, my teammates, technical committee, directors and employees. It was a story with incredible moments, journey towards Libertadores and this season was very special too. I always did my best, I hope to leave a legacy and good memories in your hearts. Again, thank you very much, Flu – wrote the player.

baby came no space in recent months. Renewal at the end of this year was seen as uncertain and even improbable. At Fluminense, the midfielder was the team’s top scorer in 2020, with 20 goals and seven assists. This season, he is the leader in goal passing, with six, and has hit the net five times. However, he had already been losing ground with Roger and was Marcão’s reserve.

In total, there were 118 games of Nenê with the Fluminense shirt, in addition to 28 goals and 16 assists, being the leader in this regard in the current season, with six. Starting last year and for most of it, the midfielder had great numbers in Libertadores and, as one of the leaders of the squad, he had the confidence of Roger Machado. However, he began to lose space after the 1-0 defeat to América-MG, on August 8, at Independência, for the Campeonato Brasileiro, when he kicked the advertising board after being replaced.