Netflix Star Reveals How La Casa de Papel Changed His Life

The first part of the final season of La Casa de Papel left fans shocked by Tokyo’s death. The series’ narrator said goodbye to her friends in a heroic sacrifice, dying in an explosion that also claimed Gandía’s life. In an interview with the STAR newspaper, Úrsula Corberó spoke about the outcome of her character and how the Netflix series changed her life forever.

“When you finish something and look back, there’s always a little melancholy. Everything I could do, everything that happened to us, the journeys we’ve taken… I even feel a little sad. I think about how my life has changed and how much I will miss my colleagues”, commented the star.


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Tokyo will be remembered by fans of La Casa de Papel not only as the narrator of the story, but as a tough heroine full of memorable moments.

See below everything that the actress said about her farewell on Netflix and her last moments in the series.

Tokyo farewell at La Casa de Papel

Úrsula Corberó recalled that the film set at La Casa de Papel was always very noisy and busy, with people running around. But on its last day of shooting, the venue was eerily silent.

“That day, the studio was covered in silence. I think everyone knew the end was near. I remember waiting in the dressing room to record, and receiving the message ‘Úrsula, we’re ready to record your last scene’. I remember as if it were yesterday”, commented the star.

The actress also revealed more details about her emotional state during the recording of the last scenes.

“It was like I was in a death tunnel. I felt very nervous, with all the emotions at the same time. I thought I couldn’t record the last scene because I felt too tired, too nervous. I was sad, but my intention was to close everything with a golden key”, explained Corberó.

Asked about the beginning of the series, the actress said that she never imagined she would be cast, as she was mainly known for comedic performances.

“A month after the audition, they told me that I had been cast in the role of Tokyo. It was all a surprise! So far, I’ve only played comic characters in comedy movies,” revealed the actress.

For her, Alex Pina’s decision to cast it as Tokyo was “very bold and risky”.

“They didn’t know if I could play that kind of character. In fact, I didn’t even know. That’s why I had this thirst to prove my worth and create a character very different from any other in my career”, explained Corberó.

The star of La Casa de Papel ended the interview by explaining how Tokyo and the Netflix series have changed his life.

“Tokyo changed my life for sure. And it must keep changing. It was very intense what happened to all of us. When I see art with my face in India, Dubai or South America, I don’t even know how to deal with it. I think I still don’t understand all this, you know? But I’m changed at all levels”, concluded Úrsula Corberó.

The first part of the final season of La Casa de Papel is now available on Netflix.