New WhatsApp function that has been awaited for years arrives

New function arrives on WhatsApp that has been waiting for years by users of the messenger, which is the most popular in Brazil.

It is the native possibility of being able to transcribe the audios exchanged in conversations carried out through the application.

The announcement of the novelty came from WABetaInfo, specialized in advance the new features that will arrive on WhatsApp.

According to the website, this revolutionary tool will allow access to the contents of the recordings without the need to listen to them.

Another detail revealed by WABetaInfo is that the function does not depend on Facebook’s servers to work.

New WhatsApp function that has been awaited for years arrives

Turning audio messages into text on WhatsApp is getting closer to becoming a reality. (Disclosure/WABetaInfo)

This means that all steps will take place directly on the cell phone with the help of the cell phone’s speech recognition system.

But for now the tests are being run only for WhatsApp Beta supporters who have iOS operating system, from the Iphone. However, that doesn’t mean that those with Android smartphones won’t have access.

After all, a new function arrives in WhatsApp that users have been waiting for for years.

Due to the initial phase in which the implementation of this feature is found, there is still no prediction of when it will be released to everyone.

However, if you want to join the list of the first to receive it, you can download WhatsApp Beta to stay on top of all the news possible.

On Android, just search for the app on Google Play with the term “WhatsApp Beta” on the side. Afterwards, just follow the membership process by accepting the terms of use.

On iOS, you have to have the Test Flight app installed and then search for “WhatsApp Beta” to join the test version of the messenger.

However, it is worth noting that as they are experimental, new functions are not always implemented immediately and even that they can be canceled without prior notice.

Finally, WhatsApp reminds you that the test version of the application may have instabilities that the final version does not.