Older iPhones get cheaper after iPhone 13 launch

After the announcement of the iPhone 13 cell phone line, Apple updated its product store in Brazil and, unlike last year, it reduced the prices of some previous models in the line. In addition, the company discontinued several cell phones, aiming to make more room for the new products.

The price drops were registered in the iPhone 12 and iPhone 11 lines. Some products were even R$1,500 cheaper on the manufacturer’s website. Among the cell phones that remain on the market, only the iPhone SE series had no price changes.

iPhoneiPhone 12.

Check the values ​​below:

iPhone 12 mini

  • 64GB – from BRL 6,999 to BRL 5,699
  • 128GB – from BRL 7,499 to BRL 6,199
  • 256 GB – from BRL 7,199 to BRL 8,499

iPhone 12

  • 64 GB – from BRL 7,999 to BRL 6,499
  • 128 GB – from BRL 8,499 to BRL 6,999
  • 256 GB – from BRL 9,499 to BRL 7,999

iPhone 11

  • 64 GB – from BRL 5,699 to BRL 4,999
  • 128 GB – from BRL 6,199 to BRL 5,499

iPhone SE

  • 64GB – BRL 3,699 (no change)
  • 256 GB – BRL 4,199 (no change)

Discontinued models

In addition to making some iPhones cheaper, Apple has also discontinued some models. The iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max line is no longer marketed, as it could hinder sales of the iPhone 13 family.

Some more storage variants of the iPhone 11 and iPhone SE lines have also been phased out. The company also ended sales of the iPhone XR on its website.

The iPhone 13 line still has no release date set in Brazil, but prices for the country have already been revealed. Values ​​can reach up to R$ 15,499 in more powerful versions.