Olimpia is fined by CONMEBOL for the case of racial injury in the match against Flamengo, by Libertadores


Rubro-Negro qualified against the Paraguayan team with two overwhelming victories, including a 4-1 away home.


Olimpia and Flamengo, on the field for the Copa Libertadores (Photo: Getty Images)

Just over a month ago, the Flamengo obtained the classification for the semifinals of the Liberators cup before the Olympia with two routs. In Paraguay, the 4-1 victory was filled with controversy, both on and off the field. One of them involves fans of the Paraguayan team, who allegedly committed racial injury against some Rubro-Negro players.

This Tuesday (14), CONMEBOL fined Olimpia 30 thousand dollars (R$ 157,000) for this case, adding to the 20 thousand dollars (R$ 105 thousand) for the fact that the fans set off fireworks and by the behavior of players on the field. The entity took this decision after Flamengo’s claim.

The amounts charged from Olimpia will be debited for TV rights or sponsorship, as determined by the decision of CONMEBOL. If there is a recurrence, article 31 of the Disciplinary Code of the entity will be triggered, which reads as follows: “The President, or whoever replaces him, will summon the corresponding judicial body, setting his agenda”.